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Don Oswalt | May 10, 2020

The 32 Best Gifts for Triathletes

The 32 Best Gifts for Triathletes is here and your special triathlete is sure to love it! Now, the holidays are approaching quickly but this list is certainly a great one to save because Christmas isn’t the only gift giving holiday. If you’re not a triathlete yourself, I totally get it. It can be quit hard to figure out the perfect gift for your triathlete, am I right? Don’t sweat it (no pun intended), I’ve done the work for you. Below you’ll find a list of 32 amazing gifts ranging in practicality to even fun and silly.

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Shop in the comfort of your own home with eatlovetriathlon‘s list of the 32 best gifts for triathletes. Support the triathlete, swimmer, cyclist or runner in your life with these amazing, creative gifts. No matter your budget, you can’t go wrong with anything off this list, gifts range from wetsuits to stocking stuffers. Treat your athletic friends and family to a gift you know they’ll enjoy!

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Gifts for Triathletes – Under $20


SAFETY SKIN Reflective Skin Spread


Stay safe on your early morning or late night run or ride with Safety Skin. It’s as easy to apply as deodorant, reflects in low light conditions and cleans up with a wet wipe or soap and water. This is a great stocking stuffer for your runner, biker or triathlete.

Picture of Safety Skin package

  • It’s the art of visibility and the new feel of safety. Swipe some on!
  • Running, riding, hiking, or setting out on the adventure of a lifetime? Applied directly to you, bouncing, chafing, irritation, restriction, and wind drag are now worries of the past. Experience unmatched comfort, fashion, and performance in visibility enhancement.
  • Thoughtfully formulated with ingredients already proven to be safe on the skin, our hypoallergenic wax base allows natural perspiration during activity, and provides rain and sweat resistance on even your longest adventures.
  • Reflectivity on the arms and legs creates a dynamic visual cue, making you more recognizable as human to passing traffic. This biomotion also helps drivers more easily gauge how quickly they’re approaching you.


Swim Goggles


best swim gift for triathletes and swimmers

What a perfect stocking stuffer for your triathlete! A great pair of goggles is a must-have for swimmers and triathletes. These AEGEND goggles are shatter-proof, leaf-proof, anti-fog with UV protection.


Pull Buoy


gift for triathletes

The primary purpose of the pull buoy is to assist in balancing the lower body in the water. It isolates your torso and arms for a strengthening workout and enables concentration on your pull. All triathletes and swimmers must have this in their collection of swim gear.


Essential Sports Nutrition: A Guide to Optimal Performance for Every Active Person


books for triathletes

Looking for information you can trust on nutrition and fueling but you just don’t know which book to pick. You can stop the searching! Essential Sports Nutrition is the new authoritative reference to eat right for an active lifestyle. Marni Sumbal, MS, RD, CSSD, a board-certified dietitian who specializes in fueling endurance athletes, breaks down the science of nutrition with easy-to-follow explanations on the right things to eat and the right time to eat them. Complete with 24 recipes for before, after, and during exercise, Essential Sports Nutrition is a user-friendly reference on fueling to meet your fullest potential.


Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm


stocking stuffer gift for triathletes

“Prevention is Better than a Cure”. No athlete wants to deal with chaffing. Help them have a “smoother” race with Body Glide. What we LOVE about Body Glide Balm, it’s made with allergen free, plant-derived ingredients, vegan approved, never tested on animals and is child safe. This balm is a perfect stocking stuffer gift for triathletes and runners alike.


Triathlon Decals


Photo of triathlon decals

Every triathlete has to show off their love for triathlon. So grab these decals and add them to your triathlete’s stocking!

  • 4 pack of Triathlon Decals
  • Approximate Size: Varies 1.25″ x 4.5″ to 3.5″ x 3.5″ (see pictures)
  • Quantity: 1 of each style, 4 decals total
  • Color: White (looks best on a black or dark background)
  • Material: Clean High Quality Oracal 651 Vinyl with 6 year outdoor rating, with Medium-tack clear transfer tape


365-Day Running Journal


runner and triathlete gift

Support your triathlete or your running friends with this running journal. Written by our friend, sports dietitian, amazing Ironman coach and athlete Marni Sumbal. For seasoned triathletes or newbies, this journal allows you to track runs, weather, time and distance, and goals. What a great gift for the runner or triathlete in your life.


Bread Shaped Plush Pillow!


Bread pillow

Do you have a carb-loving athlete friend? This bread loaf pillow will make a wonderfully fun and creative gift for the triathlete in your life – guaranteed gluten-free!


The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide


book gift for triathletes

The Triathlete’s Training Bible is the bestselling and most comprehensive guide for all triathletes from the aspiring to the experienced. Joe Friel is the most trusted coach in the world and as a result his proven triathlon training program has helped hundreds of thousands find success in the sport of triathlon.


Running and Cycling Socks


best socks for athletes

  • MAXIMUM SWEAT AND MOISTURE MANAGEMENT – Our signature Olefin fiber is a light-weight, high-performance fiber that wicks moisture and dries quickly, so your feet stay dry and blister-free wherever your adventures take you.
  • THIN, BREATHABLE DESIGN – Upper channels and a mesh footbed are thinly knitted for ultimate breathability and ventilation to prevent hotspots and keep your feet cool.


Triathlon Mug


creative gift for athletes

This triathlete mug seems like the perfect secret Santa gift for your triathlete friend!


Foam Roller for Muscle Massage


foam roller for triathletes

After a hard workout, every endurance athlete will certainly love this massage foam roller to help with muscle recovery! Why we love it? It also holds your keys, towel, or other accessories.


Picky Bars Oatmeal 


Picky Bars Performance Oatmeal

Simple ingredients therefore not a lot of junk! Keep your triathlete energized and nourished while giving the taste buds a break from the same ol’ same ol’ with Picky Performance Oatmeal.

Powered By Plant T-Shirts


creative gifts for triathletes

Including plants into the athlete nutrition plan has become such an important topic. For that reason, if you have a proud plant-lovin’ triathlete this shirt would be perfect!

Heart Carbs – Funny Women’s Fitted T-Shirt


secret santa gift for triathletes

Ladies, show your triathlete friends that you love carbs! Carbs certainly aren’t the enemy, they’re a triathletes best friend. They provide energy to power through that next training session or big race.

Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle


best gifts for triathletes

Who doesn’t want to keep their liquids cold? A triathlete can never own too many bottles. These Polar bottles are insulated, BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic and lightweight. Polar bottles are super versatile and for that reason can be used on a run, a bike ride or even poolside.

Gifts for Triathletes – $20 – $70


Axes Performance Coaching Endurance Athlete Strength Program


photo of workout gym

Brad Johnson with Axes Performance Coaching in conjunction with Made 2 Move Physical Therapy, are pleased to announce their NEW Endurance Athlete 12 Week Strength program.  Strength training has many benefits, including injury prevention, helps develop better body mechanics, protects bone health and muscle mass, aids in building a stronger foundation, and increasing speed.

Choice of an at-home program or gym-based program developed by Dr. Nate Jones, DPT that is specific to your Training Phase.  These will be loaded into your Training Peaks account by one of our coaches. Use code “STRENGTH-SPECIAL” to receive $25 off the regular price.


Triathlon Medal Hanger 


Triathlon Awards Hanger

Because EVERY triathlete deserves to display their hard-earned awards with this awesome medal hanger! This definitely can’t be left of the the best gifts for triathletes list.


Triathlete Magazine For One Year


Triathlete Magazine

Triathlete magazine is a plethora of information for your special triathlete and for that reason they’re sure to love it. You certainly can’t go wrong with a gift that focuses on everything triathlon including triathlon training, nutrition and lifestyle.

Road ID Tag for Apple Watch


Road ID for Apple Watch


  • Engraved and assembled in Kentucky, USA. Lifetime guarantee. If you don’t love it, you don’t pay for it. We got your back.
  • It simply slides right onto your already existing Apple Sport band.
  • Personalized ID Bracelet allows you to include info such as your name, emergency contact numbers, and medical info.
  • ROAD iD helps save lives and provide priceless peace of mind by telling First Responders how best to care for you in the event of an emergency.


Picky Club Membership


Picky Club photo

I thoroughly enjoyed using Picky Bar products during my training for Ironman Chattanooga. They left me feeling properly fueled and as a result this allowed me to work on improving my performance.

With a Picky Club membership, the most noteworthy perks are, you can choose…Your favorites. Your schedule. Big-time savings. Build a custom mix of bars, oats, and granola, they’ll deliver it (for free!) every one, two, or three months. Plus… Free t-shirt!


Dry Land Swim Equipment – Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are a “must have” swim equipment for land-based swimming exercises.

Some of the benefits of using resistance bands for your triathlon training swim workout are:
  • Convenience
  • Ease of Use
  • Effectiveness
  •  Safety

These inexpensive exercise tools are a convenient option for triathletes of any age and fitness level. Resistance band exercises are surprisingly effective and consequently offer a ton of benefits to help build your upper body swim strength.


FINIS Dry land swim equipmentFINIS Slide Dryland Swimming and Sports Training Resistance Exercise Bands with Rotating Handles


New Wave Swim Buoy


New Wave Swim Buoy

This compact and light swim buoy is a perfect gift for your triathlete friend. Above all, safety is the top priority in the water. The bright yellow buoy is visible to others and makes a safe place to float and rest. This makes great gifts for triathletes, swimmers, kayakers, and paddleboarders.


Road ID Alert Bracelet


Road ID Bracelet

Don’t let your favorite triathlete hit the roads without this ID alert bracelet. As mentioned above, safety is top priority. For that reason, make sure your triathlete has the right identification to notify the right people in case of an emergency.

KONA Assault Triathlon Race Suit – Speedsuit Skinsuit Trisuit Sleeveless – One-Piece Vest and Short Combo


best gifts for triathletes Kona Tri Suite

Look like a badass, race like a badass. Every endurance athlete wants feel their best when racing. The Kona Assault triathlon race suit seems like a great choice for any athlete that prefers a one-piece performance suit.

  • Performance LYCRA Fabric helps you stay dry and comfortable.
  • HI FIL MESH for temperature and moisture management utilizing high filament technology.
  • Lightweight and quick dry pad
  • UPF 50+ UV sun protection
  • Two rear pockets for storage


TYR Alliance Backpack


Triathlon backpack transition bag

Who knows a type A triathlete and as a result LOVES to stay organized? This is probably one of the best gifts to keep your triathlete organized with day-to-day workouts as well as races. For that reason, they’ll appreciate this one.

Gifts for Triathletes – $100+


Zoot Ultra TT


Zoot Ultra TT Triathlon running shoes

First of all, are these shoes HOT or what? Furthermore, with the Ironman World Championship still fresh in my mind these fun shoes are sure to keep your triathlete motivated during the off-season and even more motivated during training season.


Retül Bike Fit


Retul bike fit

A proper bike fit is essential for optimal performance, efficiency, injury prevention and comfort on the bike. Furthermore, it will provide a rider with the most economic means of expending energy. Karel Sumbal with TriMarni Coaching and Nutrition is one of the best in the business. If you live in the Southeast it will be well worth the drive to Greenville, South Carolina to see Karel.


AfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones


After Shokz head phones

I’ve been using Aftershokz headphones for about 8 months and I can’t say enough about them. Because they fit on the outside of my ears I definitely feel much safer on my runs.

  • Bone conduction technology and Open Fit design delivers music through your cheekbones, ensuring ears remain completely open to ambient sounds for maximum situational awareness during long-term wear.
  • The new, organic, wraparound design is 20% lighter than its counterpart to deliver a flexible fit for unnoticeable all-day comfort and stability.
  • Bluetooth v4. 2 connectivity and convenient multipoint pairing compatible with your iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready smartphones or tablets and Mac and PC computers and laptops.
  • Premium Pitch Plus s a premium audio experience, including wide dynamic range and rich bass.
  • Enjoy six hours of continuous music + calls on a single charge, or 20 days of standby time. Charges in 2 hours.


Goplus Massage Gun


Massage Gun

What the?!?! First of all, no this doesn’t build things and belong in the garage. I had to add this deep tissue massager to the gift list after trying a similar product at the Ironman Chattanooga tent. 

Handheld Percussion Deep Tissue Massager for Sore Muscle and Stiffness, 6 Speed High-Intensity Vibration, Quick Rechargeable Device, 4 Massage Heads & Portable Bag Included.


ROKA Men’s Wetsuit


Roka Triathlon Wetsuite

If a race is wetsuit legal your triathlete will be thanking you for this amazing gift. Not only will this suit keep your athlete warm but it will also provide buoyancy for the smoothest, most natural rotation.

Garmin Forerunner 935


Garmin Forerunner 935 Triathlon watch

Finally, whether you’re doing an Ironman, Half Ironman, Olympic Triathlon or a Sprint Triathlon this is the ultimate endurance athlete gift! Every triathlete, beginner or seasoned can use this practical BUT AWESOME gift!

  • [GARMIN FORERUNNER 935 TRI-BUNDLE] – Garmin Forerunner 935 (Amp Yellow Band) GPS Multi-Sport Running Watch, HRM-Tri Chest Strap, HRM-Swim Chest Strap, Extra QuickFit (22mm) Silicone Band (Black) & USB Charging Cable
  • PLAYBETTER POWER BUNDLE] – HD Screen Protector Film (4-Pack), PlayBetter USB Car Charging Adapters & PlayBetter Wall Charging Adapter
  • ULTIMATE TRIATHLON BUNDLE] – Prepare for your next triathlon with the HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim chest heart rate monitors plus Forerunner 935’s incredible training metrics
  • ADVANCED RUNNING METRICS & MULTI-SPORT ACTIVITY PROFILES] – Detailed metrics including running dynamics, wrist-based heart rate, training status, lactate threshold, VO2 max & many more; Custom activity profiles for running (indoor/outdoor/trail), cycling (indoor/outdoor), swimming (pool/open water), skiing, paddle sports, hiking & more
  • [PERFECT BUNDLE] – The extra QuickFit (22mm) silicone band allows the Forerunner 935 to match any look while the HD Screen Protector Film will keep it looking brand new and the PlayBetter USB Charging Adapters (not included in original packaging) will make sure you’re never without a charge!


Whew!!! Now, there you have my most noteworthy 32 BEST gifts for triathletes not only for the holiday season but any gift giving occasion. Because triathletes are always needing or wanting to add to their collection any gift off my top 32 list will win them over. As a result, use this list for some inspiration and above all have a blast shopping!

Also, if you have any great gift ideas that I’ve missed let me know and I’ll add them to the top 32 list.



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