We foster a nurturing relationship where we focus on the big picture and teach you how to nourish and fuel your body through a predominantly plant-based diet. 
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Hey There! I’m Kathleen, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, predominately plant-based foodie and head Sherpa to my World Champion Ironman husband, Don. I’m originally a California girl turned faux Southerner when I moved to Charleston South Carolina to complete my dietetic internship just over 15 years ago. Since then, almost my entire career has been focused on clinical nutrition. What exactly does that mean? In my terms, it’s getting patients well enough to be discharged from the hospital just to come back over and over again.

After being with Don for more than 7 years and living a healthy and active lifestyle I woke up one day and said “this isn’t why I became a dietitian, I don’t want to do this anymore.” What I meant was, I wanted to focus my career on preventative nutrition. I became a dietitian to teach people about nutrition and how to stay out of the hospital.

And as time went on I knew I wanted to focus on something that aligned more with our values and the way we lived our lives. So that meant not only did I want to keep people like you out of the hospital but I wanted to teach you how to use good nutrition to live your best life.
I left that hospital job and started my own private practice focusing on empowering individuals with chronic health issues to heal their body by healing their gut. It’s been a pleasure to help so many clients change their life without adding more medication, more doctors and more hospitalizations.

Fast forward from the day I left my hospital job and here we are today! One of the best parts about this journey is learning what I love to do and finding a way to do it. I’ve found that my true passion is focusing on balanced nutrition through meal planning, whole, predominately plant-based foods and home cooking. My most dedicated project is helping my husband fuel to be a stronger and healthier athlete and that’s what I’m here to help you with!

I’m ready to share my love of food and cooking along with the latest and greatest nutrition tips to keep you fueled not just on race day but every day in-between.

A little more about me…

  • I’ve made it to 3 of the 7 seven continents. I guess I have 4 more to go.
  • Both Don and I are from the West Coast but met here in Charleston, SC.
  • I’m dying to try goat yoga!
  • When I graduated from high school I wanted to be a flight attendant but didn’t meet the age requirement.
  • Before going predominantly plant based I ate some pretty gross things including but not limited to cow tongue sandwich, pickled pigs feet and fried chicken feet.


Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Food Science, May 1997
Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science with an option in Nutrition Education, California State University, Chico December 2002

Dietetic Internship completed at the Medical University of South Carolina, May 2003

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/RDN), October 2003

Licensed Dietitian (LD), South Carolina

Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT), March 2017

Graduate of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition 2019


Hey there, it’s Don here King of Sales by day, recipe taster by night and Triathlete, well the rest of the time. I haven’t always worn spandex and running shoes.

My interest and love for triathlons grew later in life when it decided to throw me a curve ball. I needed something to do, something to take my mind off the personal struggles I was dealing with. So I took up running. I started out with 5 and 10K races and found out fairly quick that I was actually a pretty good runner. Eventually those smaller races grew into half marathons and then my first BIG race, a full marathon. I completed the Marine Corp Marathon October 2010. The bug had bit! I started training, qualified and ran the Boston Marathon on my 50th birthday April 21st 2014.

I found that I thoroughly enjoyed running, it gave me an outlet to just be free. That led into dabbling with sprint triathlons and again, I found that I was pretty good. These led into my first half Ironman in Augusta, Georgia. From there I started setting some more serious goals.

I wanted to train and race my first Ironman and I had my eye on Ironman Florida September 2013. I can still remember what it felt like to be a newbie racing my first full Ironman. I had so many questions in my mind; did I train enough to complete the full distance, do I have everything I need, was my nutrition dialed in, could my body make it and the biggest question of all…would my mind let me finish?

Truth be told, I was a little (or maybe a lot) nervous waiting for the boom of that gun to go off at the start of the race. To help calm my nerves I had wrote encouraging quotes on my arms. I knew all I needed to do was look down to get some inspiration to push me through those unsure moments or when I started to feel tired and wanted to quit.

Racing Ironman Florida was one of the most amazing experiences. I’ll never forget running down the Ironman shoot and hearing Mike Reilly, say over the microphone, “Don Oswalt, you are an IRONMAN.”

And, of course, the bug had bit again…in a BIG way. This time not only did I want to race another full Ironman but I wanted to qualify for the World Championships at Kona. I decided Chattanooga would be the Ironman I raced in 2015. It was a long and steady training season leading up to Chattanooga but in the end, the hard work paid off. I was feeling good and the race day was amazing. I fought hard and earned a 4th place age group position, missing 3rd place by 2 seconds. I was really proud of my age group placement BUT I wasn’t sure if it was enough to qualify for Kona, I thought I had lost my chance. The next morning, my family and I attended the awards ceremony nervously awaiting to find out how many age group placements they would open up in my age group. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard 1st, 2nd, 3rd AND 4th place were going to the World Championships. This was a dream come true!

Training for Chattanooga Ironman taught me a lot about mindset and being race ready to conquer big goals. Over the short course of pursuing this athletic hobby of mine, I’ve found that my passion aligns with mindset. Being able to overcome barriers in your head can make you a stronger, more dialed in athlete so you can conquer any goal you set for yourself.

I’m here to guide you on your triathlon training journey and help you conquer not only your mindset but your BIG goals too!

"What I put in my body for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the snacks in-between are some of the most important choices I make each and every day."

A little more about me:

  • I LOVE ice cream, my favorite flavor is Pistachio.
  • On my 50th birthday, I competed in my first Boston Marathon.
  • All of my toenails turned black and fell off after competing at the 2016 Ironman World Championship and it took almost a year for them to all grow back.
  • A favorite memory is tandem water skiing at Wallowa Lake Oregon with my grandfather while he had a cigarette • hanging out of his mouth. 


Professional Affiliations

Certified Ironman U Coach 2016

USA Triathlon Member – Since 2007

Personal PR’s and Achievements

5K: Turkey Trot 5K, Charleston, SC – 19:31 (2015) 3rd AG

10K: Cooper River Bridge Run 10k, Charleston, SC – 39:32 (2017)

Half Marathon: Charleston Half Marathon, 1:34:35 (2009)

Marathon: Kiawah Island Marathon, 3:18:15 (2012) Boston Qualifier

Boston Marathon: 3:32:22 (2014)

Payton’s Wacky 5k Ultra /50k: 2017 - 4th overall male – 3:41:39
Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series Races:

  • First Sprint Race – June 16th 2008 - 1:21:53
  • PR Sprint Race – 1:04:23 (2014)
  • PR Sprint Race – 1:03:57 (July 2019)
  • 1st Place Male Masters in sprint distance – June 19th 2013 – 1:04:41
  • Overall Champion 50-55 age group – 2014
  • Male Masters overall Champion – 2014

Olympic Distance Triathlon Races:

  • Kiawah Island Triathlon
  • 1st in age group, 12th overall – 2:13:58 (2016)
  • 2nd in age group 6th overall – 2:09:58 (2018)

Tri Siesta Key Olympic Triathlon:
2:30:28 - 3rd place overall (2016)

Ironman Distance Races:

FIRST Ironman – Ironman Florida 2013

  • Swim: 1:12:29
  • Bike: 5:19:37
  • Run: 3:32:43

Finishing Time: 10:18:56

Ironman Chattanooga : World Championship Qualifier — 2015

  • Swim: 1:07:34
  • Bike: 5:19:09
  • Run: 3:24:43 (Boston Qualify)

Finishing Time: 10:00:42
4th place and Qualified for the 2016 Ironman World Championship

Ironman World Championship – 2016

  • Swim: 1:14:51
  • Bike: 5:52:07
  • Run: 3:25:31 (Boston Qualify)

Finishing Time: 10:42:24
Division Rank: 52nd place

Ironman Chattanooga — 2019

  • Swim: 1:07:19
  • Bike: 5:31:18 - crash at mile 85/fractured shoulder
  • Run: 4:14:03 

Finishing Time: 11:02:50
3th place and missed Qualifying for IM 2020 Ironman World Championship by one slot.

Half Ironman : 70.3 Distances

First 70.3 Race – Augusta 70.3 Half Ironman Distance — 2012

  • Swim: 28:40
  • Bike: 2:39:06
  • Run: 1:36:54

Finishing Time: 4:51:47

Augusta 70.3 Half Ironman – 2013

  • Swim: 26:47
  • Bike: 2:34:33
  • Run: 1:34:08

Finishing Time: 4:44:27

Mountains To Main Street, Greenville, SC

2nd Place Male Masters, 12th overall (2016)

Lake Logan 70.3 Half Distance

Open category 10th place — 5:00:05 (2015)

3rd in age group — 5:01:12 (2016)

1st in age group — 4:59:00 (2019)